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Northshore Town Center is the original location for Neighborhood Barre and is located just west of Pellissippi Parkway, on Northsore Drive, next to The Casual Pint and Cazzy's Corner Grill. We offer FREE Childcare in all of our 9:30am classes and select 4:15pm classes. Class packages purchased here may also be used at our Western Plaza location. Our fitness boutique carries a wide array of fitness apparel, including Splits59, Beyond Yoga, Alo, and more!
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NB Northshore Classes
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  • First Class Only $10
  • New Clients First Month only $100
  • Young Professionals Discount $125/month
  • New Mommy/Baby on Board 3 Months Unlimited for $375
  • Barre Bride (and Bridal Party) 2 Months Unlimited for $275
  • High School and College Student Discount: One Month Unlimited for $100
  • Pilot Employee Discount, JTV Employee Discount, Discovery Employee Discount: Inquire knoxville@neighborhoodbarre.com

Class Description
  • Barre - Our signature barre class is a 55 minute, low impact, full-body workout that combines the elements of dance conditioning, pilates, and weight training.  Muscles are worked to exhaustion using body weight, hand weights, bands, tubes and exercise balls while utilizing the ballet barre.   After each segment those muscles are stretched while warm.   When done consistently, this barre workout will tighten, sculpt and lift the thighs, seat, upper body and core.
  • barreHIIT - A quick calorie burner! Join us for our 40-minute High intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class. This cardio-focused, barefoot, class is structured with high intensity intervals, followed by quick recovery periods. Work larger muscle groups, get your heart rate sky high, and break a sweat!  Low and no impact modifications available.   
  • barreCORE - a 45 minute full-body burn using GLIDING DISCS that focuses on toning, stability, core strength, and functional movement. The class is fully modifiable and accessible to all fitness levels. Join us soon and see how to take your toning to the next level by working in a larger range of motion with virtually no impact on the body. This class is a great way to balance out your classic barre work by firing up your larger muscle groups and synchronizing your body to move with fluidity as one working unit!
  • barrePOWER - take your toning to the next level with this advanced version of our all-levels class! Expect faster transitions and a mixture of full-range and isometric exercises to maximize your burn and fatigue. Don't forget to grab a set of ankle weights from the equipment room to really increase your calorie burn an
  • Child Care - We will watch your little ones while you workout! Enjoy our free child care during select class times. Please note we require a reservation for child care using MindBody or our Neighborhood Barre app.
Pricing and New Client Specials
Cancellation/Late Arrival Policies
  • New clients, please arrive 10-15 minutes before class. We would like to meet you and answer any questions before class.
  • If you are not able to make class, please cancel at least 2 hours prior to your class to avoid a late cancel or no-show fee.
What to Bring/Expect
We provide all of your equipment! Feel free to bring water (we have refilling stations) and a small towel if you prefer. Socks are not required.
Our Story
NB Northshore  |  2099 Thunderhead Rd #102, Knoxville, TN 37922
(865) 692-1148
Looking for some serious job love? We are always looking for qualified candidates to join our growing team! Whether your skills are behind the desk or in the studio, send us your resume and we'll be in touch. inquire today!
NB Northshore
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