Neighborhood Barre™ is a unique workout that combines the elements of dance conditioning, pilates, and yoga to create what is commonly referred to as a “dancer’s physique.” The technique primarily uses small isometric movements to carve and sculpt the muscles of the arms, legs, seat, and abs. Each set of exercises is followed by a series of stretches to shape the muscles, making them long and lean.

The Neighborhood Barre™ workout is suitable for both male and female patrons and can be performed by a wide range of ages. It can be used as either a primary fitness program or as a complement to an existing program. Body positioning is taught in each class in order to maximize the benefit of the exercises, as well as to insure safety of the lower back. All movements are low impact, easy on the joints, and help to improve posture and balance. When done consistently, muscles will become toned and lifted, and overall energy and metabolic levels will improve. Classes are approximately 55 minutes in length and and can be purchased/scheduled online or in person. New clients are asked to please arrive 10 minutes early in order to complete paperwork.

What do I wear?
Typical yoga or pilates style clothing. It's recommended to wear a longer pant, versus a pant that comes above the knee, for more comfort and support. We are a barefoot studio, but do suggest grippie socks in order to stay more grounded in class.

Do I need to bring anything?
Neighborhood Barre provides all equipment needed during class. The only things you might want to have with you are a water bottle, and perhaps a small towel. 

What should I expect from my first Neighborhood Barre™ class?
Expect to get a total body workout from your head all the way to your grippie socks. Although our program is designed to allow each person to work at his or her own level, you want to work your muscles to fatigue in every class. Expect your legs to shake and burn through each sprint and think about moving in the form of a contraction, rather than a big dip or swing. You should also not worry about feeling out of breath or as some put it... out of shape. We purposely add a cardio element to our classes, making them more athletic and faster paced than a traditional barre studio. Remember, if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you, and you will literally get stronger with every class!

Are Neighborhood Barre™ classes safe for me if I'm pregnant or injured?
At Neighborhood Barre™ we always follow one rule... Listen to your body! If you have been cleared to exercise, we will welcome you into our studio with open arms as long as you follow this rule. Remember to ALWAYS inform your instructor if you are pregnant or recovering from an injury. If something does not feel right, communicate that feeling to your instructor so that you can be provided with a modification. Since Neighborhood Barre classes are low impact and easy on the joints, our workout is safe for pre/post natal and those with an injury, but some moves might to be changed to suit your needs. 

Should I eat before I come to class?
Due to the athletic nature of our classes, it is recommended to eat within 2 hours of coming to class to prevent low blood sugar.