Meet Our Amazing Staff

Angela is a new mommy to baby boy, Sam, classically trained ballerina, and volunteer instructor at Operation Boot Camp! She has competed in dance competitions, triathlons, and half-marathons - just to name a few. Oh, and need a realtor?? She's got you covered! We love the vibe and flow of her classes! Her incredible strength makes even the toughest set of thighs look like a breeze, so get ready to shake and sweat through a SUPER-set every time you sign up to take with Ang!

Calli is a Knoxvillle native with a long background in both gymnastics and cheerleading. Her cheerleading career carried her through high school where she was not only a member of her school squad, but cheered competitively for all four years. Since then Calli has remained passionate about fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her days might consist of traveling the state as a Speech Language Pathologist, but her nights at the barre are what she really loves!

Hallie comes from a dance background and even worked as a coach for dance teams and individuals throughout college and beyond. When she wasn't busting a move at Catholic High School, you could find her on the track, pole vaulting her way to the University of Alabama, where she unfortunately was forced to stop competing due to an injury. She now spends her nights and weekends at the barre, sweating, shaking, and pulsing her way to a better bod!

Erin is a Knoxville native who has been dancing since the age of 2! She started with studio ballet and jazz & transitioned into modern dance as she matured. She took her skills to the competitive level once reaching middle school and remained a competative dancer throughout high school. She continued her love for modern dance even into college where she was a Studio Art Major at UT. Don't let her free spirit fool you! She is happily married to a Marine (God bless America!) and has a very lively 2 year old. We love her energy, technique, and spirit and we know you will too! Check out her classes soon!